Water and Flood Restoration

We are a family business with 25 years experience in the carpet repair and installation trade.

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The Carpet Repair Doctor is accredited and equipped to handle emergency restoration work to all floor surfaces whether in commercial, industrial and residential premises.

Our team are trained professionals able to undertake rapid water extraction, to minimise damage to your premisis and its contents. Our rapid response means less business interruption and/or a safe and livable home more quickly.

Our Process involves:

1. Securing the premises to prevent any further damage. This includes removal, storage and disposal of salvageable and non salvageable items.

2. Rapid extraction of water and overflows (using the latest technology and equipment).

3. Drying the area using Air Movers, Dehumidifiers and Air Purifiers to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the occupants. Moisture readings are performed until you have a complete dry standard.

4. Hospital grade sanitisation using anti bacterial treatment and deodorising solutions.


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