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The Carpet Repair Doctor is accredited and equipped to handle Emergency restoration work to all forms of floor surfaces for commercial, industrial and residential premises.

Our 24/7 emergency teams undertake rapid extraction, to prevent loss to your contents, minimising business interruption and making your home safe and as liveable as quickly as possible. Our rapid response means that we can minimise damage quickly in the event of a catastrophe.

Our work is recognised by all major insurers including:

We are aligned with CITI Building, 24 hour emergency make safe teams that can assist you to repairs to mitigate damaged property, prevent sources of water entry, so that we can restore your carpets and floors as quickly as possible.

Our Process involves:

1.     An initial inspection to determine if your carpets and floors can be restored. Rest assured, that if restoration isn't possible, we consult you about the options for carpet and floor replacement.

2.    Make Safe to prevent any further loss, this includes removal, storage and disposal of salvageable and non salvageable items ensuring care with your most valued items

3.     Rapid extraction of water and overflows, using the latest technology and equipment.

4.    The drying process occurs with the use of Air Movers, Dehumidifiers and Air Purifiers to ensure a healthy safe environment for the occupants. Moisture readings are performed until you have a complete dry standard.

5.     Hospital grade sanitisation, anti bacterial treatment and deodorising provides the final finish.

In the unfortunate event that your carpet has been damaged showing signs of discolouration, rather than replacing your carpets.

After neutralising your carpets from any contaminated materials, we can restore the colour through a process of dyeing.