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Carpet tiles are engineered to perform longer. No frayed edges, stretching or shrinking. Carpet tiles are built to last and will look great for the life of the installation. Carpet tiles provide a soft underfoot in comparison to timber and ceramic tiles; they also have natural sound absorbing properties.

Using carpet tiles allows you to create your own flooring design with modular carpet tiles. Mix and match carpet styles and colours to create pattern focal points, such as brick lay or checkerboard; or the illusion of one-piece commercial flooring.

More About Carpet Tiles:

Dynamic Design
Modular carpet tiles offer much more design freedom than broadloom carpet. By choosing modular there is virtually unlimited design flexibility. Simply replace selected carpet tiles with new patterns and colours to create a fresh new look without replacing the entire floor. It's easy to update your interior with modular carpet.

Cost Effective
A floor takes more wear and tear than any other surface in an interior environment. Most of that wear occurs on only 20% of the surface. Modular carpet allows for “selective replacement” so you can change any part of your floor that’s damaged or worn and leave the rest alone.

Fast Installation – Minimising Business Downtime
Modular carpet allows for much faster installations than conventional carpet. Unlike broadloom carpet, modular carpet tiles can be installed with all furniture left in place with the furniture lift system it eliminates the need for electrical disconnections and furniture disassembling.
Modular is much easier to handle than a 3.6m roll of broadloom carpet. Consider the difference in man-hours between installing modular carpet tiles and 3.6m broadloom. On average in a typical mid-rise office building, it takes 60 man-hours to install broadloom carpet over a 4,500 square-foot space. The same crew can lay carpet tiles in half that time: only 30 man-hours.

Less Waste
Carpet tile installation typically produces approx 80% less waste than broadloom carpet, saving your client’s money. Less waste means less material is required and more of your investment goes into the floor. Approximately 13% of material is wasted during an average installation of broadloom carpet. With carpet tiles the installation waste drops to less than 4%.